Vessel TrackerImagine not only having peace of mind knowing your boat is secure with the GOST Phantom Boat Alarm and Vessel Tracking System (Monitoring) installed, but also being able to turn the lights on and off while away or start the ice chipper in your bait well long before you arrive for your sport fishing excursion. That’s only part of it…
GOST Phantom Boat Alarms and Vessel Monitoring Systems are all in one wireless boat alarm systems that combine high security and yacht tracking applications with ease of use and unique consumer features including a designer look you would never associate with boat security. The GOST Phantom Ship Security and Yacht Tracking System’s wireless sensors monitor and help prevent intrusion, high water, AC power loss, low battery voltage and more. Should any of the Phantom’s wireless sensors be triggered, it will call you and play a recorded voice message of the event. What better way to protect your boat and your most precious on-board assets from aboard or afar…
Having your own watercraft involves a great deal of responsibility. You need to be aware of everything that’s taking place on and around you at all times when you’re taking a cruise on the water. Sometimes that can be easier said than done, but it’s part of life as a boat owner and for most owners it’s a small price to pay for the freedom of being on the water. One of the ways you can seize the responsibility of being a boat owner is with the installation of a sea GPS tracking system from GOST.

With a sea GPS tracking system, your worries about potential theft or movement of your watercraft without your authorization will be eliminated by GOSTs real time GPS monitoring. If your boat happens to be moved away from it’s current location, alerts are immediately sent to your phone via email or text message informing you of the situation. Whether you’re on the dock or at home, you’ll have a constant monitoring of your craft’s whereabouts no matter what time of day or night.

Nowadays, most insurance companies are requiring that watercraft owners have a tracking system onboard to help cut down on theft, and this GOST device goes above and beyond to assure you have the best protection possible for the investment you’ve made in your boat. For the cost you’ll invest into having an easy to install GOST sea GPS tracking system onboard, you can save money on insurance as well as having to pay for potential damage stemming from a break in or theft of your boat. It’s more than just added security, it’s added peace of mind while you’re ashore.

If you have friends and family members take your watercraft our for an afternoon, there’s no need to be concerned if they’ve possibly found themselves lost. Using the power of this system, you can easily watch over their location to make sure of their safety. The sea GPS tracking system allows for you to view via your computer or even your phone their current position. If you have concerns about the welfare of elderly relatives or new boat operators, you can always be certain that they’re not in harms way by marking their progress from the comfort of your home or office.

The best thing about having a sea GPS tracking system is that once it’s installed, you’ll never have to worry about it ever again. Its incredibly small size means that it fits easily and seamlessly with your ships interior, making it invisible to any of your guests onboard. It also means that any unwanted boarders won’t see it either, as the tracking system does its job of leading the authorities right to your vessel. For a small device, it provides big security to the boat owner that the craft will be waiting in the marina or dock it was originally left in, making a tracker something no watercraft owner should be without.

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